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Scholarship through fellowship

I had the privilege of attending the Tyndale Fellowship conference held at High Leigh Conference Centre from 5th to 7th July, where I participated in the Philosophy of Religion study group. This was the first time that I had attended a Tyndale Fellowship conference and I was unsure of how it would operate and the degree to which I would be involved. I have to say that my expectations were exceeded in all respects! The conference venue was excellent, with comfortable accommodation facilities, good food and most helpful staff who went out of their way to ensure that the audio-visual equipment was set up and working correctly.

I thought that the study group approach worked extremely well—we had just the right number of people to allow everyone to present their own material and to engage in lively discussion and answer sessions. The study group format also enabled us to form great relationships over meals, where we could continue both academic debate and make personal connections. At the same time, it was still possible to meet and talk with participants from other study groups given the open and welcoming attitude of all who attended the conference—this was facilitated by the fellowship plenary lectures.

I was most impressed (and humbled) by the academic standing of my fellow study group members and particularly thankful for the presence of Dr. Copan and Dr. Gould and the others who had travelled from abroad to attend. It was unfortunate that Daniel Hill was unable to attend in person, but I was glad that he and others were able to share in at least some of the sessions via Zoom. I look forward to meeting him in person next year!

Overall, this was the best conference that I have attended and I feel inspired to follow the “scholarship through fellowship” ethos promoted by the Tyndale Fellowship.

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