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The Study Group in Philosophy of Religion exists to glorify God and edify each other by studying the philosophical implications of the Scriptures, applying them to present-day philosophical questions and debates, and defending them against philosophical attack. All Christians are welcome to attend, as are non-Christians prepared to respect the group’s Christian ethos, and the group places a high emphasis on encouraging constructive discussion and on praying for each other.



Tyndale Fellowship Study Groups Conference 2023

Wednesday 5 - Friday 7 July 2023


Wednesday 5th July

Session A: 2.5 hours 16:00-18:30

16:00-16:30 David Jakobsen, ‘Returning home: when philosophy turned to dogma again’
16:30-17:00 Walter Stepanenko, ‘Some Questions Concerning Functional Theology’
17:00-17:30 Break
17:30-18:00 Matthew Flummer and Keith Hess, ‘Augustine’s Cosmological Argument’ online
18:00-18:30 Mike Ashfield, ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Sinful’ online

Session B: Tyndale Fellowship Lecture

20:00-21:30 Paul Gould, ‘In Defense of God Making Stuff Up: Theistic Activism, Divine Creativity, and
Divine Exemplarism’

Thursday 6th July

Session C: 1 hour 09:30-10:30

09:30-10:00 Garry Moore Soronio, ‘God’s Knowledge of Contingent Facts and the Doctrine of Divine

10:00-10:30 Finley I. Lawson, ‘Paradox and the Incarnation: Why it isn’t Simply a Matter of Logical

Session D: 1.5 hours 11:00-12:30

11:00-11:30 Luke Wilson, ‘A Perfectly Free God cannot Satisfice’
11:30-12:00 Charles Duke, ‘A 19 th -century account of divine omniscience: Thomas Wesley Brents’
12:00-12:30 Richard Worsley, ‘Pascal’s Wager’

Session E: 3 hours 15:30-18:30

15:30-16:00 Joel Alvarez, ‘Christian Materialism, Logic, and the Spiritual Realm’ (online)
16:00-16:30 Parker Haratine, ‘What Counts as Evil? An Alternative to the Privation Theory of Evil’
16:30-17:00 Ian Davies, ‘Information realism and its implications for Christian doctrines of the soul’
17:00-17:30 Break
17:30-18:00 Robert J Hartman, ‘A Christian Ethics of Blame: Or, God says, “Vengeance is Mine”’
18:00-18:30 Alexander Barrientos, ‘Shepherd Contra Hume on the Credibility of Miracles’ online

Friday 7th July

Session F: 1 hour 09:30-10:30

09:30-10:00 Timothy Mosteller, ‘What the Identity of Being and Goodness Implies for Natural

10:00-10:30 Paul Rezkalla, ‘Why Molinism and Calvinism Stand or Fall Together’

Session G: 1.5 hours 11:00-12:30

11:00-11:30 Florence Choi, ‘Exemplars of Martyrdom: A Study of Thomas Aquinas’s Account of
Testimonial Suffering with his Commentary on 2 Timothy.’
11:30-12:00 James Johnson, ‘Contours of Corruption: The Structure of Moral Agency in the Ordinatio
of Duns Scotus’
12:00-12:30 Matt Hart, ‘God as Deceiver’

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