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The Practical Theology Consultation began in 2023 as a space for scholars wishing to engage in practical research whilst also taking seriously the authority of the Bible and Christian doctrine. Practical Theologians usually sit at the intersection between Theology and other Humanities disciplines. We use various methods to research contemporary situations and experiences, in order to reflect upon them theologically. The Consultation will last for a period of three years, with a view to becoming a Study Group in the future if there is sufficient interest.


Call for Papers: ' A Practical Theology of Sin'

Evangelicals have long been associated with a gospel which proclaims the need for repentance and personal forgiveness for sin. Practical Theology has been strongly influenced by Liberation Theology, which tends to be much more focused on the power and oppression of structural and systematic sin. We are keen to explore the intersections between these two concerns, and to complexify, interrogate and diversify evangelical understandings of sin from a practical theology perspective. This is a call for 20 minutes papers which seek to address these questions. Relevant topics might include:
  • The results of empirical work examining different interpretations of sin
  • Interdisciplinary perspectives on sin
  • Examinations of the understanding of sin by different contexts, theologians or traditions
  • Reflections on church or community practice in relation to sin
  • Revisiting your own research work through the lens of a theology of sin
  • The impact of sin on methods and models of evangelical practical theology

Scholars and doctoral students from across disciples with an interest in these questions are invited to submit a 300 word abstract to and by 31 October 2023.

The Practical Theology consultation group will meet concurrently with Tyndale Fellowship's six Study Groups from 3-5 July 2024 at High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, UK. 
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