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Ancient Ruins


The New Testament Study Group of Tyndale Fellowship exists to promote evangelical scholarship that takes seriously the authority of the Bible and rigorous academic study by engaging with issues in our wider world.


Call for Papers:
'The Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles'

The two books of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles together comprise more than a quarter of the New Testament—more than that written by Paul. The gospel sits with the other Synoptics, Matthew and Mark, and yet has important differences from them in terms of style, content and structure, and includes more unique parables of Jesus than either. Acts appears to continue the story, but raises questions of history, practice and belief. To what extent are the examples recorded one-off episodes or patterns for continued practice?

We invite proposals of up to 200 words for papers on topics relating to the theme, which could include (but are not limited to) questions around the narrative shape of either book, issues of theological perspective, questions of history and context, and the interpretation and reception of these books.

We are anticipating that, depending on the range of subjects covered, the papers might well form the core of a publication following the conference.

We also welcome proposals for papers on any NT topic for an open session. Paper titles and proposals should be sent to the group’s co-chair, Nick Moore (, by Friday 15 December 2023.

We plan to publish the full programme in the new year. The New Testament Study Group will meet concurrently with Tyndale Fellowships six other Study Groups from 3 - 5 July 2024 at High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, UK.

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