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A New Charity

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

In 2021 it was agreed that after many years of working together, Tyndale Fellowship and Tyndale House would no longer formally operate as a single body. On November 1st 2022, the separation was realised. Tyndale Fellowship is now registered separately with the Charity Commission, and has its own board of trustees.

The administration of Tyndale Fellowship membership subscriptions, study group bookings and other matters will now be operated separately from Tyndale House. Our finances will operate separately, meaning that members who pay subscriptions by standing order will need to amend these before they are due to be paid in May. Tyndale Fellowship members will no longer receive print copies of the Tyndale Bulletin, although this is now available digitally at no cost.

The doctrinal basis of the Tyndale Fellowship has not changed and its goal ot promoting excellence in evangelical scholarship also remains unchanged. In many ways, we hope our members will feel that the Tyndale Fellowship remains as it has always been.

This new independence does allow us more freedom to consider ways of developing in the future, for example, pursuing new ways to support global evangelical scholarship. We are excited as we look forward to

this new phase of the Tyndale Fellowship

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