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In 2023 the Tyndale Fellowship Study Groups met in July at High Leigh Conference centre for three days of fellowship, scholarship and worship.

Reports from the Study Groups

The Practical Theology Consultation met for the first time and discussed the distinctive contributions of evangelical theology to this emerging field.

A first time attendee of the Philosophy of Religion Study Group enjoyed the scholarship through fellowship ethos of the meeting.

Tyndale Fellowship Lectures

Philosophy of Religion

In Defence of God Making Stuff Up: Theistic Activism, Divine Creativity, and Divine Exemplarism
Paul Gould

New Testament

How to live well: Mimetic Ethics in Graeco-Roman Antiquity and Early Christianity
Cor Bennema


Christian Doctrine

Re-Creation through the Cross: The Relevance of Athanasius’s Soteriological Christology for Today
Jeremy Treat


Old Testament

The Lambent Presence: The Shining Face of God in the OT
David Reimer


Biblical Archaeology

Personal Names and Old Testament Research: What We Know and What We Want to Know
Caleb Howard


Biblical Theology

Wilderness as a Theme in Biblical Theology
Brian Rosner

Members' meeting

The first meeting of Tyndale Fellowship members since its establishment as a separate charity was chaired by David Firth. Progress on the membership, finances, and communications of the fellowship had been made and it was hoped that the fellowship would go from strength to strength in this new stage.

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