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Vacancy for General Administration Support.

We are recruiting for a self-employed, part-time administrator to conduct some general admin, to support the Trustees and assist the Conference Administrator.


To provide general administration support services. 

The individual will work as a self-employed independent contractor with an unfettered right to send a substitute to provide the services, subject only to such substitute having the necessary skills, experience and qualifications. They will provide general administrative support to the Trustees in liaison with the Conference Administrator, and with oversight by the Chair of Trustees. 

There are no fixed days or hours for providing the services. However, from experience, we would expect the support to take approximately 7 hours (average) per week; there is no minimum or maximum duration. 

There is no fixed location for providing the services, save for personal attendance at the summer conference. 

The services are required for 44 weeks in a 12-month period. A retainer of £5500 will be paid to provide these services for the whole period. 

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