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Our trustees

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

As an independent charity, the Tyndale Fellowship now has its own board of trustees, in addition to the Committee who have overseen the administration of the Fellowship and the Conferences for many years.

The trustees represent the continuity of the work of the Tyndale Fellowship despite its now independence. David Firth, Philip Johnston have served as Chair and Treasurer of the Fellowship for many years and now have those roles with respect to the charity. Dirk Jongking is the Academic Vice-Principal of Tyndale House and we are delighted to maintain this informal connection with the House. Ros Clarke previously worked as the Tyndale Fellowship Administrator and Communications Officer among other roles at Tyndale House. She will be responsible for Communications for Tyndale Fellowship.

The work of establishing Tyndale Fellowship as an independent charity has been under way since 2021 and there are still some aspects of it in progress, as we separate out our finances, our governance, and our administrative support. Please bear with us as we work to get everything set up well.

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