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The Old Testament Study Group of Tyndale Fellowship exists to promote evangelical scholarship that takes seriously the authority of the Bible and rigorous academic study by engaging with issues in our wider world.



Chris Ansberry 

Tyndale Fellowship Study Groups Conference

Wednesday 3 - Friday 5 July 2024


Old Testament programme

Exploring Aspects of Biblical Narratives


Narrative dominates the literary landscape of the Old Testament. But narrative is not a closed literary form. Among other things, it traffics in techniques comparable to other forms of discourse in the Old Testament. And narrative welcomes interpretive dialogue with other forms of discourse in the Old Testament through its integration of and juxtaposition to diverse types of texts. The 2024 Old Testament Study Group will explore the dynamics of Old Testament narrative from theoretical and literary perspectives.

Wednesday 3 July


  • Olga Fabrikant-Burke, Cambridge, UK, 'Jeremiah’s Biographical Narratives: Prophetic Performance and Ancient Exegesis in the Sign of the Yoke (Jeremiah 27)'

  • Tony Watkins, Tyndale House, Cambridge, UK, 'Shalom and its Discontents: Jonah's dispute with God in relation to contemporary media narratives' 

  • Jack Day, Cambridge, UK, 'YHWH’s Un-Deception of Ahab in 1 Kings 22: A Philosophical Approach'

Thursday 4 July


  • John Goldingay, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA, 'Leviticus 8—10 as Narrative'

  • Michelle Brooker, Queen’s Foundation, UK, 'Landscapes of Character in the Book of Exodus'

  • Pete Myers, Shiloh International Theological Seminary, Ethiopia, 'Songs in Story: An Examination of the Text, Cantillation and Function of Songs Embedded in Old Testament Narratives'

  • Allen Hamlin Jr, Trinity College, Bristol, 'Lars Lode on the Interpretive Significance of the Masoretic Accents: An Application to Narrative Analysis of Joshua 7'

Tyndale Fellowship Lecture in Old Testament

13.30-15.00 Ellen F. Davis, Duke Divinity School, USA, title TBA


  • Aubrey Buster, Wheaton College, USA, 'Rethinking Resistance in Daniel'

  • Richard S. Briggs, Durham, UK, 'Dungeons and Dragons: Scriptural Narrative, History and Truth in and Through Daniel 6 and 14'

Friday 5 July



  • Ethan C. Jones, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, USA, 'Ambiguity in Narrative: On Method, Theology, and Virtue'

  • Walter Moberly, Durham, UK, 'What does one do with an insoluble narrative problem?'

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