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The Biblical Theology Study Group of Tyndale Fellowship exists to promote evangelical scholarship in the field of Biblical Theology.



Paul Twiss

Tyndale Fellowship Study Groups Conference 

Wednesday 3 - Friday 5 July 2024


Biblical Theology programme

King and Kingdom. From the opening chapters of Genesis to the final chapters of Revelation, the theme of kingship runs throughout the Bible. While it is obviously associated with God’s sovereignty over the whole of creation, human kingship has an important place in God’s purpose for humanity in the world. While the Old Testament books of Samuel and Kings give particular attention to the Davidic monarchy, the theme of king/kingdom is not restricted to these books. In the New Testament, Matthew’s Gospel underlines the importance of Jesus Christ’s identity as the ‘son of David.’ Interestingly, N. T. Wright recently stated that the theme of God becoming king on earth is a truth that ‘the past 200 years of European and American culture have been desperately trying to stifle.’ According to Wright, there is an urgent need for the Christian church to rediscover the significance and relevance of the kingdom of God, especially given its centrality in the teaching of Jesus Christ as reflected in the four Gospels.

Wednesday 3 July


16.00 Davy Ellison, Irish Baptist College, 'The Shape of the Kingdom in the Psalter'

Thursday 4 July

10.00 Angie Mosteller, Gateway Seminary, 'The Kingdom according to Jesus'


11.00 David Allen, The Queen's Foundation, 'Divine Kingship in the Fourth Gospel'


17.00 Greg Lamb, Southeastern Baptist Theological seminary, 'The ‘Kingship’ of Christ: A Neglected Theme in Philippians?'


Tyndale Fellowship Lecture in Biblical Theology

20.00-21.30 David Firth, Trinity College Bristol, 'God as King in the Psalms and the Kingdom of God’

Friday 5 July

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