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In June 2022, over 140 participants joined the Tyndale Fellowship Study Groups  for three days of in-person and online papers, lectures, discussion and fellowship.

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Honouring John Goldingay

The Old Testament Study Group hosted an 80th birthday celebration with cake and sparkling wine for long-term members and honoured contributor, Professor John Goldingay.

Tyndale Lectures

The 2022 Tyndale Lectures were as follows:

"The Perfect Law of Liberty on Poverty and Wealth: A Precursor to Paul?"

New Testament Lecture given by Craig Blomberg

"The Possibility of Resurrection and the Nature of Human Persons"

Philosophy of Religion Lecture given by Jon Loose

"Towards an Old Testament Theology of Hospitality"

Old Testament Lecture given by Brittany Melton

"What does it mean to participate in Christ?"

Christian Doctrine Lecture given by Joanna Leidenhag

"Shifting Boundaries: The Westward Political Expansion of the United Monarchy"

Biblical Archaeology Lecture given by Steven M. Ortiz

"Entering God’s House: The Directionality of Temple Sacrifice and the Dynamics of the Incarnation"

Biblical Theology Lecture given by David Moffitt

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