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The Practical Theology Consultation, beginning in 2023, has been set up to create a space for scholars wishing to engage in practical research whilst also taking seriously the authority of the Bible and Christian doctrine. Practical Theologians usually sit at the intersection between Theology and other Humanities disciplines. We use various methods to research contemporary situations and experiences, in order to reflect upon them theologically. The Consultation will last for a period of three years, with a view to becoming a Study Group in the future if there is sufficient interest.


Tyndale Fellowship Study Groups Conference 2023

Wednesday 5 - Friday 7 July 2023


Wednesday 5th July

Introductions - 4.00-4.30
Session 1 - 16.30-18.15
  • Isaac McNish (London School of Theology): What is the methodological role of doxology in evangelical practical theology?

  • Sam Tranter (Cranmer Hall, Durham University): ‘Disciplined Wonder’: On the evangelical possibility of reflecting theologically on Very Good Things

  • Anna Hutchinson (St Mellitus College): Evangelical Interpretative Practices: The Bible in Theory and Practice 


Thursday 6th July


Session 2 - 9.30-10.30
  • Robert Hornby (University of Roehampton): Should Actions Speak Louder Than Words? Using the Past Deeds and Present Actions of Jesus to Unlock the Evangelical Debate on Divorce
  • Phil Fellows (Aberdeen University): The Role of Tradition in the Practical Evangelical Theology of Nigel G. Wright

Session 3 - 11.00-12.30


  • John Perrine (Durham University): ‘Does Practice Really Make Perfect?’ Examining Practical Theology’s critiques of Stanley Hauerwas for an Evangelical Theology of Christian Practice

  • Abigail Maguire & Helen Miller (Moorlands College): The Professional Christian or the Christian Professional? Assessing spiritual formation in theological education

  • Sarah Dunlop (Ridley Hall, Cambridge): Doing theology on the go: processing life events in light of faith with evangelical ordinands at the start of training.

Session 4 - 15.30-17.00
  • Andrew Rogers (University of Roehampton): Dealing with ‘I’ trouble: Ecclesiastes, Evangelicals and Practical Theology

  • Claire Williams (Regents Theological College): ‘Hearing Testimony’: Conducting Research among Women in New Frontiers Churches

  • Sheryl Arthur (University of Roehampton): A pneumatological approach to empirical-theological enquiry drawing on Pentecostal scholarship

Friday 7th July

Session 5 - 9.30-10.30
  • Michael Simants (Durham University): Reimagining Albert Outler's Interpretation of John Wesley: Towards a New Theological Method

  • Helen Collins (Trinity College Bristol): ‘Groaning in labour pains…waiting for adoption’: attempting Evangelical Practical Theology in research on pregnancy and adoption

Session 6 - 11.00-12.00pm
  • Jack Barentsen (Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven) Embodiment, Identity and Networking in a practical theology of leadership.

  • Tim Miller (Durham University/Moorlands College): Ordinary Charismatic Hermeneutics in Preaching

Plenary discussion of future meetings - 12.00-12.30
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