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Dead Sea


The Old Testament Study Group of Tyndale Fellowship exists to promote evangelical scholarship that takes seriously the authority of the Bible and rigorous academic study by engaging with issues in our wider world.



Chris Ansberry 

Tyndale Fellowship Study Groups 2023

Wednesday 5 - Friday 7 July 2023


Programme Draft: Contextual Hermeneutics of the Pentateuch


Wed 5 July: Methodological Considerations

  • Heath A. Thomas (Oklahoma Baptist University) ‘Contexts and Canon: Reflections on Contextual Hermeneutics from a Canonical Perspective’

  • E. Randolph Richards (Palm Beach Atlantic University), ‘Chupacabras and Elephants in the Room: The Perils and Blessings of “Cultural Readings” of a Biblical Text’

  • Mary Dance Berry (Duke University), ‘For Four, I Will Not Revoke the Punishment’: Amos's God in African Biblical Interpretation

  • Jean P. Musavuli, (Christian Bilingual University of Congo / Oxford Centre for Mission Studies) ‘Postcolonialism and Its use in Biblical Interpretation: Revisiting the Portrait, the Text and Actions of Nehemiah’

  • Jerry Hwang (Singapore Bible College / Trinity Christian College), 'Learn not the way of the heathen: Orientalism in Old Testament Scholarship'


Thurs 6 July: Applying Method to Pentateuchal Texts

  • Manoja Kumar Korada (IPCTSK, India), 'The Creation Narrative in the Book of Genesis: The Narrator's Hermeneutical Enterprise'

  • Tim Davy (All Nations Christian College), ‘Reading Genesis 1–12 within the context of mission to, for and with vulnerable children’

  • James E. Patrick, ‘Interpreting the Creation Week in its Cultural and Narrative Context’

  • Michelle Brooker (Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham), ‘Beauty and Experience of Milk and Honey: A Phenomenological Aesthetic Approach to the Landscape of the Promised Land in the Book of Exodus’

  • Tyndale Fellowship Lecture: Dr David James Reimer (University of St Andrews, Divinity Honorary Senior Lecturer), 'The Lambent Presence: The Shining Face of God in the OT'

  • G. Geoffrey Harper (Sydney Missionary & Bible College), ‘Leviticus as Casualty of Evangelical Hermeneutics: Reading Hebrews 10:4 Canonically’

  • Allen Hamlin Jr. (Trinity College Bristol) ‘Determining Implied Instructions: A Contextual Hermeneutic of Consecration Activities’

  • Philip Johnston (Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge) ‘The triennial offering’s negative oath (Deut 26:14) in scholarly hermeneutics’


Fri, 7 July: Panel Dialogue on Hermeneutical Practices

  • Kyle Faircloth (Palm Beach Atlantic University)

  • Jerry Hwang (Trinity Christian College) 

  • Brittany N. Melton (Palm Beach Atlantic University) 

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