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The Biblical Theology Study Group of Tyndale Fellowship exists to promote evangelical scholarship in the field of Biblical Theology.


Tyndale Fellowship Study Groups Conference 2023

Wednesday 5 - Friday 7 July 2023


The 2023 Tyndale Fellowship Biblical Theology Study Group will be investigating the theme of “Wilderness in Biblical Theology.” The theme was suggested by Dr Brian Rosner, principal of Ridley College in Australia, and he will be co-chairing the study group.

Compared with other biblical-theological motifs, such as exile, wilderness is a relatively neglected topic and holds considerable promise.  We are interested in discerning the purpose and function of a wilderness experience in the Bible, its place in salvation history, and the ways in which the wilderness motif shapes the Christian life. Since we hope to produce a volume of essays arising from the conference, we have invited the following contributions. Some, but not all, of these papers will be presented at the conference.

Tyndale Fellowship Biblical Theology Summer 2022
‘A Biblical Theology of Wilderness'


Wednesday 5th July

4.00-6.30 (2.5 hours)

Towards a Theology of the Wilderness in Genesis (Paul Twiss)

Wilderness as Distance from God (Desi Alexander)


8.00-9.30 Tyndale Fellowship Lectures in New Testament and Philosophy of Religion running concurrently


Thursday 6th July

9.30-11.00 (1.5 hours)

Israel’s Wilderness Experience as Testing / Training (Anna Rask)

Israel Redivivus: Numbers 21 as the Second Generation’s Redemptive Sojourn (Michael Morales)

11.30-12.30 (1 hour)

Wilderness and the Experience of Job (Lindsay Wilson, Ridley)


4.00 -6.30 (2.5 hours)

The Transformation of Wilderness in Isaiah (Andy Abernethy, Wheaton)

Wilderness and the Christian Life in Paul (Roy Ciampa)


8.00-9.30 Tyndale Fellowship Lecture in Biblical Theology:

Dr Brian Rosner - Wilderness as a Theme in Biblical Theology

Friday 7th July

9.30-10.30 (1 hour)

Wilderness and the Christian Life in Hebrews (Andrew Malone, Ridley)


 11.00-12.30 (1.5 hours)


Wilderness in Revelation (Ian Paul)

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